Cutting edge solutions to manage and monitor, in real time, what’s most important to you.

Sophisticated surveillance technology from Tutela provides your security system with the information and intelligence necessary to protect your critical assets. Recognizing the people and personnel in your facilities, and monitoring the transactions and events that occur on your premises provides a powerful tool to manage risk and prevent loss. Live data, captured in real time in high resolution, can be viewed on-site or from remote locations.

Our solutions include:

  • IP Based Video Systems
  • Migrations from Analog to IP solutions.
  • Analog Solutions
  • Thermal Cameras
  • License Plate Capture Cameras
  • Mega Pixel, 180 degree, 360 Degree Camera Solutions
  • Customer Provided Server or Tutela Server Based Systems
  • Cloud Based Recording Subscription Systems
  • IP Cameras with On-board Recording Capabilities
  • Software for Facial Recognition
  • Video Analytics