How 4 Integrators Keep Up With Constantly-Changing Security Space

By admin
In July 19, 2016

Need a few pointers on how to stay above water in the changing security landscape? These 4 security pros are here to help you navigate through your challenges.

By Scott Goldfine · July 5, 2016

As those who have been engaged in roller coasters, extreme sports or fast cars can attest, there is often a thin line between thrills and chills. The stimulation emanates from speed and sudden, often unexpected changes — dynamics also at play right now in the security integration business.

The rapid, accelerating pace of new technologies, devices, systems, services, sales models and competitors is a double-edged sword serving up both thrilling opportunities and chilling challenges. Those who can’t keep up may find themselves shouting out their best George Jetson impression: “Get me off this crazy thing!”


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